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Emilie Lindskoog Rosen

Interior designer / Project Manager


Emelie was born and raised in Halmstad, Sweden. Emelie moved to South Florida 10 years ago with her husband to pursue a career in professional golf.

Between 2012 and 2018 Emelie played professional golf on the SYMETRA/LPCAtour.
Emelie has always, since a little kid, wanted to work as an interior designer. When Emelie
retired from playing professional golf, she decided to make the dream of becoming an
interior designer come true. She graduated from the largest interior design school in
Sweden, Inredningskurser Sverige AB, with a degree as an interior designer and
homestaging consultant in February 2021. In May 202 she started her own company, Lagom Interior Design, where she helps clients with their interior design needs. Besides running her own company, she has two kids, a dog, and is a store manager for an interior design store, Rowhouse.

Emelie's previous work includes office remodeling and furnishing projects. She just finished her biggest project so far, helping a client redesign their entire house alongside
Perry Marshall builders. This project lasted a little over one year and the experience she
got out in the field is more than she could've ever imagined. She's always been very
creative, a quick learner and eager to Iearn more. Emelie couldn't see herself doing anything else than creating homes for families.

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